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The Smiles Gallery

With parental permission, successful graduates of the Gresham Speech Therapy Program for Stopping Thumbsucking can have their pictures posted here in The Smiles Gallery. Here are a few of our recent successful students:

Lauren with Chart
Lauren with her 6 week Chart and no thumb sucking!
Issac with Chart
Issac with his 6 week Chart and no thumb sucking!
Leah with Chart
Leah with her 6 week Chart and no thumb sucking - way to go!
Zoe with Chart
Zoe - with her two week certificate!
Sophie with Chart
Sophie with her 6 week chart and no thumb sucking - outstanding!
Blakely with Chart
Way to Go Blakeley! (7 years old)
Blakely with Chart
Another 6 week success story! Way to go Molly!
Takashi with Chart
Takashi at 6 weeks and no sucking!
Delaney with Chart
Awesome job Delaney...6 weeks no sucking!
Abby with Chart
Abby and 6 weeks no sucking! Hooray!
Logan with Chart
Logan and 6 weeks no sucking! Awesome!!
Ethan with Chart
6 weeks no sucking for Ethan! Way to go!
  Dylan with Chart
Congratulations Dylan! Way to go! 6 weeks of no sucking!
Zeke with Chart
Way to go Zeke... 6 weeks of no sucking!

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