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Here's What Parents and Children Are Saying About Our Program
Comments from Parents

I can’t tell you how happy I am that we found you. I really appreciate the way you put together this program. I really think that pediatricians and dentists should know about your program. She is confident at school, her teacher says the thumb has never gone back in at school since she started the program.” - Mother of 7 year old, Lake Oswego, Oregon

"I will always be grateful for finding you! Keep up the excellent work….Older children can succeed with a 9-year habit!" - Linda, West Linn, Oregon

“For us it seemed having someone else give the suggestions was the ticket. We had tried it all previously and he would always respond 'that won't work'. He is very proud of himself.” - Stacey, mother of 8 year old, Portland, Oregon

“At first I was skeptical about going to Jill, but we had tried everything with no success. Sadie sucked her thumb all the TIME! From the first visit with Jill she never sucked her thumb again… it was simply amazing!” - Kim, mother of 8 year old, Portland, Oregon

“Sophie has made huge progress and has been receptive to the program... no resistance. The program and Jill helped us do what we couldn’t do on our own.” - Lisa, mother of 6 year old, Portland, Oregon

“Nadeem is a changed person! He feels so good about not sucking his thumb and the success he has had. Things just 'clicked' and really worked for Nadeem.” - Deb, mother of 5 year old, Gresham, Oregon

Great program, worked right away.” - Akiko, mother of 7 year old, Troutdale, Oregon

“We just want to thank Jill for her consistent encouragement and availability. Isaac is very proud of himself and feels a great sense of accomplishment.” - Mindy, mother of 6 year old, Gresham, Oregon

“Putting the decision in her hands really worked. The program increased her confidence and self-respect.” - Julie, mother of 9 year old, Vancouver, Washington

"The whole key was that it was 'his' decision and it became a joint venture between the two of you. Still can't believe from that point of verbally committing to you that he NEVER sucked again." - Vicki, mother of 7 year old, Tualatin, Oregon

Comments From Kids

"I’m going to run into the middle of the playground and shout to everyone, “Hey everyone... I don’t suck my fingers anymore!!” - Grace, age 9

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